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Pass me the snorkel..

Friday, February 29th, 2008

..before we’re all underwater. The rain has come back with a vengeneance and we are all standing on the high ground to keep our feet dry. Because of the weather it was a quiet day today but we are not sure what was happening on the yard but there was alot of banging noises and scrapping and flashing lights. Something was going on, but we have no idea what it was.

And none of us felt ill or sick after the jags yesterday. That was good because we were abit worried that we were being poisoned. Penny is sure that the jags are meant to stop us getting ill, not make us ill and McLennon has decided to prove her wrong by throwing sharp objects at Rosebud to see if she gets ill! Those two Shetlands are just so silly together.

Great gossip..

Thursday, February 28th, 2008 because we all got together on the yard and in the indoor arena, horses and ponies. It was brilliant, because we all got to chat and catch up. Lucy and Bailey used to live together and don’t get to chat much so they spent ages remembering the fun times they used to have.

The man who comes to look after our feet came and checked us out and gave us trims and those of us that have shoe got them replaced so we all have twinkly fast feet now.

The only downside was that the Vet came and stuck a needle in us all. Mind you Louise and Benji were on their best behaviour. No jumping up and down by them this time.

What a numpty..

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

..Henry is. He spent all that time in the box on rest desperate to get out. So he gets let out and then jumps around the field and finds a shoe nail in amongst all the mud and gets it stuck in his foot. So he is back inside for another two days resting and getting tlc on his back foot.

Baby George almost got blown away. The wind was so strong it lifted him right off his feet, but he wasn’t scared. He said it just made him feel at home. There’s always a gale on Shetland and there are no trees on the island to shelter behind. He says he wants a big kite and he’ll go touring the country by air. Lucy says “whatever”.

We think Rosebuds going to help him make one, she keeps eyeing up Penny’s rug and trying to convince her to take it off for ten minutes to “have a good roll”. We’re not sure whether this is because she wants rid of Baby George or because she just wants to see if its possible to make a horse fly.

Mud glorious mud..

Monday, February 25th, 2008

..absolutely fabulous for helping get rid of unwanted winter coat. We are all itchy as anything because our lovely thick coats are coming out. This is a good sign that the days are getting longer and spring is on its way. Shame no one has told the weather fairies this yet.

We do like our Sundays..

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

.. but don’t get us wrong. We like teaching people to ride, but Sundays are sooo relaxing.

Well usually..

This morning it was everyone out on the yard a 6am and ponies in and grooming and plaiting and rugging and generally making Tara and George pretty. It seems that there was a big competition happening that these two were off to. Anyway eventually they were off and the yard quietened down again until tea time when Tara came back jumping up and down and shouting out that she had won a rossette. Some of the older hands tried to play it cool, but even they were impressed and a bit jealous. Everyone likes going out to shows and everyone loves coming back with rossettes and trophies.

So Tara is staying in tonight and we are all looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and congratulating her in person.

A new fence..

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

..stops us eating the hedge. Last week the humans came into out field and built a new fence line to stop us getting at the hedge. More importantly, it stops us getting through the hedge. And there we were planning to make a break for it and head for the hay store for a massive feed.

Get the shovel boys and start digging, there’s a pile of hay waiting for us!

Its cold outside..

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

..and there’s very little haylage left. Well not really. There’s plenty left and grass is coming through. It was a bit chilly this morning and then we had a visitor to the field. A great big tractor came in and started putting fence posts in. The hedge along the roadside was looking a bit thin and we were thinking of mounting a concerted effort to break through and then the humans start re-fencing it. Spoil sports. They have even fixed up the wood fence so we can’t go for a wander through the woods. Whatever next.

Moving home..

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 great fun. And after my formal complaint yesterday I have to take it all back. Shaun was out fixing the fence this morning and has got the electric tape working so I can’t be accused of breaking out again and I have a new box. Buster was in the big box while he was resting but now he is out in the field I get to ove back into that big box with the huge window so I can see what is going on on the yard.

I’m not sure that Snoops or Henry are happy to have been moved but at least Henry has me on one side now.

A Formal Complaint

Monday, February 18th, 2008

I am wirting a formal complaint…. I was minding my own business in the field this morning, when Snoop decided she had an escape plan. I tried to tell her it was not a good idea, but she insisted. So once the fence was broken Snoop went for a wander down the road, maybe had she lost four shoes she would have gone un-noticed but as it was she was found.

I was only having a look at the damage when Kirsty O ran out and caught me. I wasn’t planning on escaping… honest!

Anyway as a result of this i had t spend the day in as Amy’s fencing skills are not up to standards.


What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster?

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

No…. It’s George in his new, blue trailer! He has a very posh brand new Ifor Williams which he gave a test drive today, he said it was a good trailer and he will be out winning at all the shows in the near future.

We are looking forward to the day Henry is brought back into the field, we caught up with him at tea time today and he is a bit bored, with too much energy to spare. We are just waiting to see who becomes top dog now that Buster is back out in the field?!?

More from us tomorrow, bye!