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Up on drier ground..

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

..again. As the sun comes out and the wind blows across the fields we all notice that the ground is getting drier and we are sinking less and less into the mud. Hurrah. We have even found the grass is growing!

What a palaver..

Monday, March 17th, 2008

..this weekend. Washing and scrubbing and general business on the yard as everyone got ready for a big competition. Thank heavens its over and now everything can go back to normal.

Our teams did really well though. But next year we’ll do better. Lucy is already in training home to make the team for the 2009 Rivals Cup.

She has also got wind of a couple of Own a Pony days and want desperately to have a rider for those.

Peace and Quiet

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

It was very quiet today on the yard, we were all left to much our haylage in peace with no disturbances….. all the humans and a few horses and ponies left bright and early and we must say they were rather clean looking…. even Holli( now thats a surprise!).

They didnt arrive baxk until late, when Maddi and Holli came bouncing into the field bragging that they were so called “legends”, hmmmmm, we’ll believe it when we see it.

There was a lot of gossip going on in the horse field aswell, maybe that was Tara explaing she was legendary too…. I guess we will find out tomorrow when we meet up on the yard, we are all desperate to find out why Daisy didn’t come back to the field??!!

Men in yellow coats….

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

There were some men in yelow coats in our field yesterday, and Amy and Shaun were out to keep us away. We think it had something to do with the bridge, they were looking at it and taking photos. Hopefully they are going to take away the two big block in our field, they are so unattractive.

Anyway some real news….. we found grass, we had eaten our way through all the haylage and had to go find some grass. It was sooooo nice, we can only hope it keeps growing as we are eating it!

Guess who’s Back…..

Thursday, March 13th, 2008


He is back in the field and we are all having an early night tonight after all the excitement. he had us all galloping about like mad things this afternoon, although most of us feel fine there are a few with some achey pains now, can’t quite keep up with the others. It was great fun but we have to apologise because the last few green patches we had are now gone…. maybe it will grow back soon, we saw Shaun talking to a man who wants to take soil samples and see what we need to get some more grass….. do u think he will settle for mud samples?

She’s scary..

Monday, March 10th, 2008

..but we love her really. Snoops joined our field two days ago and she just acts like she has always been here. Its quite good really because we don’t have to mess around and try to pretend to fight over pecking order so everyone is much safer. She just walked into the field walked up to our hay and started eating it like she had been doing it all winter!

We was very impressed with her suave coolness and complete tougherocity. Even Bailey was in awe of her. Mind you we are all waiting to see what Henry makes of her when he gets back out to play.

Her friend, George is a little less brave and does the sensible usual “respect to the herd dynamics” thing. He also reckons Henry is in lurv with Snoops and so will not mind at all. Maybe that’s how she does it, she gets everyone to fall in lurv with her. Anyway, however, she does it she is cool and we are impressed.

Weather we do..

Monday, March 10th, 2008

or weather we don’t get wet. Obviously we have spelt whether wrong here but really it was just to point out how strange the weather is. Hailstorms in the afternoon when the temperature was above 5oC.

Now we know..

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

..why we got hay. George and Snoops have joined us in the horses field. George says that he can’t eat haylage because it makes him very unwell so obviously the people have put hay in our field so we we can have two new playmates. Snoops got straight into the hay hake but George was a bit less forward. The field has been a bit quiet since Teagan and Blue left so two new horses to muck around with is just what we need.

Wot no haylage..

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

..we finished it last night and it got replaced with hay. Its nice and tasty but a lot drier. We’re not sure why our haylage supply has stopped and been replaced with hay. Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow.

And it was very confusing in the pony field tonight. Bonnie got turned out and Peppermint was left in with us horses waiting for the last lesson and then all of a sudden people arrived dragged Pepper off up to the field and came back with Bonnie who was not at all impressed. She was moaning all lesson that she was happily eating in the field and then got dragged back down to the yard.

Most strange.


Thursday, March 6th, 2008 good and is coming through. We have stopped eating the haylage all the time because this warm weather is getting the grass growing and grass is yummy. For some reason there is loads of us in the stables at night now. Louise joined us in the pony field for a while and has now dissappeared again. We now she is OK because we saw her in lessons. She says she is acting as nurse and keeping Diamond company on her box rest. MOre like making sure she has her own supply of hay.