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It’s warm..

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

..wet and the grass is growing. We love it and we are looking forward to more of the grass growing. It gives us a real hapy feeling now spring is here. Woo hoo!

The dentist..

Thursday, April 24th, 2008 coming tomorrow and I’m worried it’s going to hurt. I’ve had sore teeth for a while and a man came today and checked my teeth out and booked an appointment to come back tomorrow. Apparently I have an infected tooth and gums and the tooth needs to come out. I also have a really sharp tooth that keeps hurting me when I bite and that is going to get ground down and made smooth. I’m sure that I’ll be better tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

..ths is so exciting. We have been fed and left out in the field for the night. It’s much lighter than in the stables and we have loads of room to run around. Already me and BG are racing around in the dusk and fighting. I’m going to wait until BG is fast asleep and then push him down the hill. Hee hee hee.

Flicka is really happy as well because she was just saying the other day that the indoor school was getting very dusty.

Itchy, scratchy..

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

..but it’s much better after the grooming I just got. Phew, it gets very itchy under my rug, so it was great today when Ceri-Anne brought me in and gave me a good grooming. i felt much better after all that loose winter hair had been brushed out.

It felt so good that when Shaun came to the gate tonight I thought he might be grooming me again so wandered over to him only to be taken in and ridden. What a con and the last time I fall for that. I’ll make sure I send Henry over next time. But I’ll have to make him think it was his idea or he’ll just refuse.

It’s hot, hot, hot..

Monday, April 21st, 2008

..out there today and we have had a lovely day wandering around our field and munching on the fresh grass that’s coming through. Let’s hope that this is the start of a long summer.

And the big gossip in our field is Bonnie’s complete infatuation with George. She really lurvs him, she wants to kiss him. In fact we have come up with a little verse we are using to taunt her mercilessly.

George and Bonnie sitting under a tree,
K – I- S – S – I – N – G,
First comes love,
Second comes marriage,
Third comes a foal in a golden carriage.

She says that she doesn’t care what we say because she loves George and George loves her. Mind you it has made her less grumpy.

Oooo my legs hurt..

Monday, April 21st, 2008

..after all that cantering up hill and down dale today. And I had a really early start. I am just not a morning pony and it was just not going to be a good day today for me when I was fed at 5.30 and put in a trailer and driven to somewhere miles from home and expected to jump big jumps and all before 10.30am. I need training for that kind of thing. Proper training, with early alarm calls waking me up 5 minutes earlier each day so that after a month I can get working at 9 am. I didn’t even have time to get my mane looking lovely and flowing. How can Mollie expect me to be photographed when my mane doesn’t bounce and flow in the wind. Really, I have no idea what the girl was thinking about. Still it was a bit embarrassing when Maddie came back full of himself after going all the way around the course. He said, “the water was very cooling in the water jump, but I, of course wouldnt know that. Humph! I’ll show him when we go to Strathearn Eventing for the PC Hunter Trials next month. Things will be different then…

..well as long as there aren’t as many hills!

Loose sheep..

Friday, April 18th, 2008

..are everywhere. There we were, minding our own business, when from one side there came a ewe and her lambs and from the other came six boys. It took Shaun so long to get them all back into the right places that our breakfast was late.

And when Amy looks after us we get our tea at 3pm but Shaun didn’t feed us until 4pm. Fancy that, making us wait an hour for food. We certainly don’t fancy that.


We’re torn..

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

..between the hay sitting waiting for us in the hay hakes and this delicious fresh grass growing in the field. The grass is coming through so well now that we left the hay (which isn’t going anywhere) and spent the day grazing the big field. Wow, it was great, juicy and fresh and really gives us a spring to our step.

They ate our grass..

Monday, April 14th, 2008 Well two of them did anyway. Two little lambs came crawling through the fence between our fields and started eating grass. When they had had their fill they crawled back to their mum and had a feed of milk. How would they like it if we climbed through the fence and ate their field. Not that we could get through the fence, it has been put together far too well. Mind you, Bailey tried his old trick on the new fence on the other side of fthe field and broke three lines of wire.

Shaun was not impressed when he had to come out and fix them all.

Phew what a day..

Friday, April 11th, 2008

..we had today. Loads of us went out for a picnic. It was great fun. We got groomed really well and tacked up and everyone had their bright road gear on and we headed off into the countryside in three groups. Almost no one stayed behind at home. We haven’t done this in ages. We’ve hardly hacked out since buggy brought the bugs to the yard last summer. (She denies it but she was the only one with them).

We walked for ages in lovely sunshine and even had to jump through a stream and then best bit of all we got to eat a little fat grass. It was lovely and we all walked home with the taste of it on our lips. Our grass is only just coming through and the haylage is nice but eating the spring grass just reminded us all of what we have to look forward to.

Most of the time the people were OK but we had a few over cleaned saddles that just must have been a bit too slippy but no one got hurt – thankfully. We hope everyine enjoyed it because we all want to do it again. SOON!