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Thursday, April 10th, 2008

..we all got to mess around in the field today with no work. Except for Holli and Maddie who were practicing their collected canter for cross-country. And Baby (sorry BIG) George who got tacked up again and led around the car park.


Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

..but not as much fun as chasing Trio around the field. Today I was brought in and had a saddle put on my back and a bridle put on me. I was then lead around. This humans are a bit strange. I knew exactly what was going on because they did this to me last year. But they didn’t put anyone on the saddle.

Which was a bit of a shame because its not like I don’t see all the lessons from my field and I know fine well what happens next. I’m quite looking forward to being ridden really. It will mark me becoming a grown up horse. Maybe they’ll stop calling me Baby George then.

What do you think I’ll be called. It can’t be George because there already is a George. Babe George (a bit like Babe Ruth) would be good. But then again I don’t play baseball!

I know – BIG George.


Saturday, April 5th, 2008 stings and we want it to stop. The sun was shining and we thought that we were in for a fun day in the field and then we got hit with hailstones. Bailey was rugless and really annoyed. Mind you he was even taken out for a hack with Snoops and got caught out in it. There riders went and sheltered from the hail under some trees so he missed the worst of it (but still hasn’t stopped complaining).

Most of us horses got a really easy day today because of riders being on holiday. Tallulah didn’t get ridden at all!


Friday, April 4th, 2008

..times were had by all. We don’t know why but today we were just about all brought in to the school. We thought that this meant more injections or shoes or wormer but no we ot tacked up.

We hten got to run around the empty fields in groups and race around the place. Whoopee that was sooo much fun. It was great just to do something really different. Don’t get us wrong, we love the riding lessons but this was just like a huge big party and holiday.

Mind you it meant the stables got mucked out later than usual and the horses had to stay in the indoor school and couldn’t run around the field (because we were doing that!).

They didn’t complain too much because when they got turned back out again there was a new big bale of hay waiting for them.

Newbies in the..

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

..river field. Not horses but baby sheep. 6 little lambs are bouncing around the field and chasing each other up and down the hill. They are a bit like Trio and Baby George only alot smaller. We’re all having a sweep stake on how many little lambs will be born.

Talking about a sweep stake, who is going to win the grand national this weekend. Tallulah reckons that if we can buy her a lift with Eric Gillies to Liverpool she’ll absolutley waste the opposition and bring back the grand national purse to us.

Yeh and Bailey will jump three foot cross-country jumps at Scone.

Wow, no rugs..

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

.. I was allowed out this afternoon without my rug on and so managed to find the muddiest and wettest part of the field and rolled in it. Woowho! In fact I got so muddy that no-one could put my rug on again.

I am now sitting in the field with no rug and luckily its very warm so I am not cold.