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We want rain, we want rain..

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

..we are just getting so sick of this little field.

Mind you we have a new horse with us. Chinook must have passed some test or something because she is now allowed to mix with us. Must have been a prettiness test because we are all so pretty..

Bye bye Trio..

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

..we will all miss you but especially me. I’m stuck here in this field with horses and sheep and only saw and heard you go from a distance. We had such fun together chasing each other around the front paddock, biting and rearing, what a laugh.

Hope you travel well and take care, hopefully we’ll see you back down here sometime soon.

BG (and the B is for BIG)

Gallopy, gallopy, gallopy..

Friday, May 16th, 2008

..this is great fun there are more of us together tonight and we have loads of hills and can run around and play together.

Mind you Snoops is being a bit rude to all the new guys running around the field with us.

We are not sure what all the brown bits in our field are. It doesn’t really matter because the rain is washing it away.

Sheep – they’re all..

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

..mad. For weeks now the sheep and their lambs in the River field have been escaping into our field and then running off. We thought that the field must have been really disgusting. But today we were all put into this field as well while a tractor went around our field and threw small white balls at the ground. We don’t know what that is all about but cannot understand why the sheep would want to leave this field. It’s gorgeous with really rich tasty grass.

At one point we thought Shaun was coming to take us back to our field so we all ran away.

Hope we can stay here for even longer. Mind you those sheep don’t have get through the grass…

….Buster! put that lamb down; you cannot pick it up and drop it over the fence.. put it down!

Got to dash.

Wow, she’s..

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

..B – E – A utiful. There’s a new mare on the yard. She’s in isolation at the moment (with Rosebud and Peggy Sue) so we can’t go and chat to her. But wow she is really pretty. Bay Warmblood horse with a lovely eye. We can’t wait to get to meet her.


Saturday, May 10th, 2008

..rugs on us anymore. Yippee. The rugs are lively in winter ‘cos they keep us so warm. But they get very hot and itchy at this time of year and so we love it when they come off. We can all now roll in the mud and really get all of our wintre coats out.


Monday, May 5th, 2008

..pass the sunscreen. Although Tara is the only one with her factor 20 on today. We were all pretty glad to get a few rays. We need as much vitamin D as we can get after the wet winter we have just had.

Bailey has a set of Raybans and reckons he is cool. The grass is growing and we just had a fab lesson when we got to bounce around and do fancy things with our feet. Once we got the hang of it it really gave us a buzz and we cantered around the arena.

Tollulah was just showing off in front of Buster, we are not sure who Kelsie was showing off in front off.

Am I having fun yet..

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

..I’m not at all sure. I spent yesterday in a load of fields being asked to jump over logs and fences and walls. Now I know about jumping (as an ex-showjumper) but I always had to jump brightly painted things. This was like running around a field and having to go over things when I would normally just wander around them.

Still, everyone seemed happy and I got to travel with Bailey. He was very pleased with himself. He says he is trying to mess with Shaun’s head. Everytime Shaun rides him, he refuses and then jumps everything with other riders. He chortled all the way home.

I quite liked it yesterday and the jumps were all nice and small, it was just unusual.

See you all later -love Henry xx