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Guess who’s Back…..

Thursday, March 13th, 2008


He is back in the field and we are all having an early night tonight after all the excitement. he had us all galloping about like mad things this afternoon, although most of us feel fine there are a few with some achey pains now, can’t quite keep up with the others. It was great fun but we have to apologise because the last few green patches we had are now gone…. maybe it will grow back soon, we saw Shaun talking to a man who wants to take soil samples and see what we need to get some more grass….. do u think he will settle for mud samples?

A Formal Complaint

Monday, February 18th, 2008

I am wirting a formal complaint…. I was minding my own business in the field this morning, when Snoop decided she had an escape plan. I tried to tell her it was not a good idea, but she insisted. So once the fence was broken Snoop went for a wander down the road, maybe had she lost four shoes she would have gone un-noticed but as it was she was found.

I was only having a look at the damage when Kirsty O ran out and caught me. I wasn’t planning on escaping… honest!

Anyway as a result of this i had t spend the day in as Amy’s fencing skills are not up to standards.


Benji had a stupid moment…

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

…and really out did himself today. Even though there was something like forty mile an hour winds, driving rain, snow and freezing temperature he decided to ditch his rug. After Holli and Maddie had finished laughing at him they suggested he went and showed Mollie. Mollie wasnt sympathetic. But being a reasonable human Mollie went looking for Benji to allow him to stay in tonight with Snowie, Flicka, Fudge and Peggy-Sue. Mollie thinks Benji ditched his rug so that he could stay in at night and party. Sadly we know Benji isn’t that clever because he is now somewhere in the field and Mollie can’t find him to take him inside. Lucy on the other hand is hanging around the gate trying to tell anyone that will listen that she is a very thin skinned Welsh Section A that needs to go in tonight because its so cold. Thankfully, as silly as the humans can be at times, no one is believing her.

Sickened on haylage

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Well, we ponies are finally fed up of the haylage. Don’t get us wrong, it tastes lovely and fills our tummies but it is a bit dry. The huge lakes in the field have gone down and the grass has started growing where the water was. It was lovely to have some fresh succulent grass to eat and most of us spent the day grazing. It almost makes us think that spring is on its way. Sadly this probably means that it’s going to snow.

The horses, of course, being less intelligent than us ponies, have not yet realised the grass is coming through and are still standing in the mud eating haylage. Silly animals.

Anyway its now dark and cold and we’re off to have a nice warm gallop around the fields.

The Rain Returns

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

well what can we say….. Shaun spoke too soon, it is raining again, but we have plenty of haylage so we aren’t going to complain too much.

Henry had to see the vet this morning, he has to stay in for a week because of his sore foot, the vet thinks he has just wrenched it in the mud, allthough we think he just has a sever case of skiiveritis! We heard today that the vet is also coming to see Buster on Thursday, so hopefully he will lose the heels soon and get out in the field so we can fill him in on all the gossip, the field will be slightly different since he last saw it because Ellie and Blue have left since he went inside.

Apart from that there has only been one lesson today, but we have three after school.

More from us tomorrow, Bye!

Food glorious food

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Oh how we love Mondays. Our favourite farmer comes along with his huge tractor and delivers us more haylage. The ponies have two round bales (that should last them a few days) and the horses have one round bale. This stuff is delicious but some of us have quite sickened ourselves on it. I guess that’s what comes of eating non stop for 8 hours. There aren’t many lessons on on a Monday and so there are no distractions for us. Also the rain held off today and so we all felt just that little bit better. All that is except for poor old Henry. Henry has had a sore leg for the last wee while, he swears that it’s getting better and it only hurts when he does too much trotting but he has been kept in tonight.

All the more haylage for everyone else and we all reckon that the vet will be out tomorrow. That’s not so bad though..we all pretend to hate the vet but all that usually happens is a stay inside for a few weeks and some medicine and then back to normal. In fact we were all planning to take it in turns and fake an illness in the recent bad weather so we could get a night inside. But not now the rain has stopped and the haylage has arrived.

Any one for pudding….

We will not be moved

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Sunday is our day off but the humans started bringing us in and Louise just decided enough was enough. She deserved a day off and was going to get one. So no matter how hard Shaun tried to catch her, she just kept running away….until Shaun produced a bucket of pony nuts and then she relented and went in. Ruairidh road her of the showjumping course that had been built and in the end we think (although she won’t admit it) that she quite enjoyed it.

Guess what, it’s not raining and its 10 Centigrade. We can almost feel the grass growing under our feet. Is this the start of spring when January isn’t even over? Lets hope so.

Rain rain go away..

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

How unfair. We are really not impressed with this weather. After raining all last night it finally stopped this morning. We had a nice day helping to teach all the children to ride and then just as the lessons were finishing and we thought we could have an evening without rain, it started raining again.

Pass the atlas, we are going to run away to somewhere warm and dry…

But before we do, we’d like to say that we hope Charlotte had a nice time at her friends. See you next week Charlotte.

The eve before the real work starts!

Friday, January 25th, 2008

well it’s very wet and soggy today, we had another delivery of haylage today, yummmy!

Winnie and Mac had great fun this morning, we hard a lot of shouting and buzzing from the indoor arena, it sounded like there were planes, tigers and even rabbits in there! Winnie then decided to make Amy feel guilty… she got put in a box for breakfast, laid down and managed to have a duvet day… why do we never think of that??

Buster is feeling full of life, he got to see the great outdoors again yesterday, when Bernhard took him for a hack into Rumbling Bridge and back, he was very chuffed with himself, hopefully we will see him out in the field soon for a good old gossip, we heard that the vet is coming to visit him next week so we’re keeping everything crossed for him!

Got a busy day tomorrow, so we best get off, bye!

Rain and Sleet!

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

It’s wet here today! We have all had a quiet day so far with only one lesson, although we still have the evening lessons to go, it means we get yet more food, because as you all know we are starved…..

Snoop was feeling a bit cold earlier when her rug blew up over her back, all fixed now and she is still cosy although after seeing her weight gain since she came here it wouldn’t harm her to be a bit cold once in a while!

Anyway, more from us tomorrow, bye!