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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

After that lovely hay yesterday they go and ruin it all by force feeding us a disgusting paste. Shaun and Amy came around and weighed us all, compared our weight to three months ago (how embarrassing!) and then they stuck a tube in our mouth and squirted this horribel tasting paste in and watched us until we swallowed it. They say it’s for our own good and it kills worms but that doesn’t stop it being horrible.

Mind you we did all get to meet up on the yard and swap gossip from the different fields. It was great fun but not something we can put on public display. Bailey is enjoying his new hairstyle and think he looks really cool, we think he has frightened Henry who is having second thoughts about being the top gelding in the horses field.

Lucy is finding it hard being ridden because she is soo big. We just told her to stop eating then and quit complaining. We do love her, but we love her more when she is fit and slimmed down, she is just so much more fun when she can gallop around the fields with us.

Yummy yummy yummy in our tummy

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Even more hay arrived today and it is delicious. We were a bit worried because every time we went past the shed the hay bales got smaller and smaller. We thought that perhaps Katie and Shaun were going to starve us. Not that some of us couldn’t do with shedding a few pounds. Mentioning no names, but one of the children in the riding lesson today asked if Lucy had any Shetland inside her. Right enough, we haven’t seen Baby George around in the field for a few days, and Lucy is soooo big she probably could have swallowed him whole.

On no Lucy heard me say that and she’s not looking very happy. I don’t want to get on the wrong side of her, but then again it would be hard to get on any side of her as we would all just bounce off. Whoops, she’s really mad with me now, I better walk slightly quickly away from the hay, that way she won’t want to catch up with me and won’t be able to.

One quick last comment, Thanks Amy, you’ve managed to cope with us all and look after us all for a whole year.


Rest and relaxation

Monday, January 21st, 2008

It’s Monday, a quiet day for us. There’s only one after school lesson and no lessons during the day. Kelsie was looking forward to having a lunge lesson but Shaun completely forgot about it. He is nice but sometimes he can be such a numpty. We think Kelsie will forgive him but she was soooo cross this evening.

We all thought Bailey would be tired and sore after his hunting yesterday but his haircut must have gone to his head. Once turned out this morning he rolled in the mud and then galloped up the horse field showing off. Maddie and Hollie are much more sensible.

Today’s weather was awful, rain followed by snow followed by sleet followed by more snow. It has finally stopped snowing and raining and sleeting. It’s just as well we all have rugs on (all except Lucy and Pete that is and they could do with losing a few pounds anyway).

See you all tomorrow.

Race day!!

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Well it’s late Sunday evening and what a busy day it’s been on the yard. Firstly those humas got all excited about a race between Maddie and Bailey. It got so exciting that even us horses got involved. Anyway, Bailey and Maddie stayed in the stables last night and had lots to eat. Yesterday Maddie got a new haircut and this morning Bailey got one too. Bailey got the full monty with a trace clip and his mane hogged. He looks about 15 years younger. Apparently, he behaved 15 years younger today and the humans have renamed him “psycho”. Next time he goes on a draghunt he’s been asked to be a fox so he can get chased.

Bailey wants to say a big thank you to Olivia for her support. He went especially fast just for her and has now managed to persuade the humans that he has to run ahead with the racehorses and lay the trail.

After all of that Fudge (beautifully groomed by Olivia – thank you), Louise and Snowie went out to Pony Club games practice. They loved it and Fudge was on great form cantering up and down the lines.

Its late now so we must go off to eat more hay.

Nighty nighty..

Hi Charlotte

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

We just got your comment Charlotte and its lovely to see someone reading our blog and also writing to say hello. Thank you.

We have also realised that there is a split between the horses and pony fields. All the horses are backing Bailey to win. He has been giving himself a “big up” and they believe him. Well, you know what they say about horse – big ponies without the brains. Us ponies are all backing Maddie to win the race tomorrow.

The horse have even gone as far as to try and injure Maddie. Merlyn bit Maddie on the yard today. What spoil sports. It’ll all be over tomorrow and we can get back to being a happy herd.

A Wet Friday

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

It was a very wet day today, we were all a bit wet and soggy, but some more hay arrived today, not quite the same as haylage but it’s food all the same.

Merlyn was quite happy today about his warty thing on his ear dropping off! We tried to tell him it will grow back!!

we’ve got a busy day tomorrow so we are off to get our last few hours of eating in!

We will be back with more news tomorrow, bye!

In the horses field

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

The humans are getting quite excited about this race that is meant to be happening between Bailey and Maddie. We of course would love to see how fast either of the humans could go carrying Bailey or Maddie.

Anyway the gossip from the horse field is that Bambi has fallen in love with Tegan. She says she can’t resist the way he smells. He goes into the stables every day and then comes out smelling all flowery.

Mind you from the way they act, you’d think Bailey had fallen in love with Tegan. They are always bouncing around together, rearing up and shouting at each other. Well, boys will be boys.

Wednesday 16th January

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

We have had an eventful day today, Holli has changed hands to Mollie. Maddi is staying , and Rhys is going (more haylage for the rest of us!!)

Farrier is coming tomorrow so we all have four shoes although Bailey is plotting to lose one before Sunday, we think he is feeling the pressure! Anyway more from us when we have had our pedicure, bye!

Tuesday 15th Januray

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Guess what we just heard…. Maddi and Bailey are having a race at the next draghunt, we are all betting on our favourite to win although we would liketo know what you think too? We got some more hayalgae yesterday although i think Lucy has had one mouthful too many!!! Anyway more from us tomorrow, bye!

Our First Day Live…

Monday, January 14th, 2008

We are so excited about being able to keep you in the know about what is going on in the field!! Rosebud is still planning world domination with the sheep! and Buster is still in on his girly high heels! We are still waiting for our lorry of food….. because ofcourse we aren’t fed enough already!!!

We will keep you up to date, we don’t have much time to talk as the haylage is calling us, bye!